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Superconducting Generators: A Fresh Breeze in Renewables


April 20, 2016, Osnabrück: The Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) has been hosting a workshop on superconductive generators attended by many experts from the wind sector and from superconductivity. Feasibility and viability of superconductive wind turbine generators was the single topic of this highly focussed one-day seminar. The DBU has invited renowned experts from industry and academia to discuss various aspects of feasibility and viability:

  • Are practical and economic designs possible with superconductors?
  • What is the cost basis —is a low-cost superconducting drive train reasonable to expect?
  • Where will superconductive generators break-even with conventional ones?
  • How about reliability — is there longer term experience?
  • Where are superconductors currently used, and how do they perform?
  • How do such generators match with trends in the wind industry?


Please find  all presentations linked below:


Many thanks to the DBU for organizing this very useful event!