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Rundungen Ecken

Engineering COnsultants


  • Technology-, system- and materials selection for high-efficiency power engineering projects / Best Technology Solution Studies
  • Strategic business development in innovative power engineering
  • Market analyses
  • Optimization of energy technology in industrial processes
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Consultancy in production systems engineering and plant layout
  • Intellectual property analyses: Identification and survey of relevant intellectual property rights / Protectability of envisages development results
  • Structuring, application and project management of national and European R+D projects

Safeguarding success

The ECO 5 team offers long-term experience in controlling the risks tied to the development, testing, market introduction and industrialization of high-efficiency power technology. Our consultants thoroughly evaluate the opportunities of your project and work to professionally safeguard its success.


The ECO 5 team collaborates in the development of on technical and commercial project strategies. We provide in-depth know-how for customized solutions in power technology, process technology and facility design. Our team prepares market analyses, examines competitive environments, conducts feasibility studies and investigates the specific intellectual property situation for your project. Based many years of experience we also help our clients with integrating high-efficiency power engineering projects into the frameworks of national and European research and development funding.