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Plenary Presentation at the 25th International Conference on Magnet Technology

Amsterdam, 27.08.2017 – The Magnet Technology Conference is probably the most relevant conference in our industry. At its 25th edition, this summer in Amsterdam, there are 16 plenary speakers invited to share their thoughts with the audience. Jürgen Kellers will present on the “Development of a Superconductive Wind Power Generator within the EcoSwing Project”.


The conference takes place from 27 August 2017 to 1 September 2017 at the RAI Congress Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Visit the conference website See you in Amsterdam!


Low Cost MgB2 Superconductive Generators for Mass Markets in Wind Energy

Bonn, April 28, 2016 – The ECO 5 Team presents its feasibility study Windspeed. This work received partial funding by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DBU (German Federal Environmental Foundation). Fundamentally, we could demonstrate substantial weight reductions and cost advantages releative to all conventional alternatives. For the Windspeed generator we expect a cost potential of 104 k€/MW, or 136 k€/MNm. SInce this study was under German sponsorship, it is published in German. We hope that is will be interesting as well to an international audience. Otherwise we are of happy to offer our support. Read more HERE and download your copy of the full study.


Superconducting Generators - A Fresh Breeze in Renewables

Osnabrück, April 20, 2016 – The feasibility and viability of superconductive wind turbine generators was the single topic of this highly focused one-day seminar. The seminar looked into a broad range of topics from engineering feasibility, over cost comparison, to reliability and supply chain issues. ECO 5 was presented with two talks. One by Dr. J. Wiezoreck, the other by Dr. C. Bührer. Look into the program HERE and review all contributions HERE.


ZIEHL V Seminar by iV Supra

Munich, March 15/16, 2016 – For the 5th time now, the industrial association on superconductivity, iV Supra, organized its bi-annual status review. This time it was hosted by Siemens and featured a broad technology overview in superconductivity. Dr. Carsten Bührer, ECO 5, talked about commercialization issues of HTS wind generators. Look into the program HERE. Also download your pdf copy of all presentations there.


EcoSwing - Superconducting Direct Drive Technology for Next Generation Wind Turbines

Bonn, May 8, 2015 – ECO 5, the engineering consultant for efficient power applications, announced today a 2.3 m€ contract under which it will contribute to the design and engineering of world’s first superconductive generator for a commercial scale wind turbine. Updated information is available at the EcoSwing web site.


Fact Sheets

Intellectual Property—Created with Engineering Minds

Engineering creativity and inventiveness provide the innovative edge that sets you apart from your competition. It is your task to decide which ideas to turn into defendable IP such as patents, copyrights, trademarks and design rights—or not to disclose at all and maintain as a trade secret.


Progress in Superconductivity— Industry and Utilities are Stepping Up

After years of development, high temperature superconductors (HTS) are arriving at end user markets. 2013 held remarkable progress so far. Here we report on progress beyond rotating machines.


What Impact will Superconductors have in the Wind Sector?

Trends in wind are larger turbines, growth in low wind sites, and going off-shore. This comes in combination with increasing cost pressure. To succeed, this needs innovative drive train solutions.


Superconductors are Cool – But How to Keep Them Cold?

Cryogenic refrigeration is matching small heat loads of superconductors with small refrigeration budgets. What it takes is diligent engineering.


Can Superconductors Beat Conventional Copper on Price?

High Temperature Superconductors (HTS) obviously profit from two properties: They show almost no electrical losses and allow incredibly high current densities. This points directly to efficiency and more compact designs.


Are Rare Earth Metals Jeopardizing the Wind Sector in the Long Run?

Biggest supply chain risk in advanced direct drive systems is the rotor material. Superconductors can be a better alternative to permanent magnets.



7. March 2012, Dr. Jens Müller, ZIEHL III Bonn (German only)
Supraleitende Generatoren in der Nutzung regenerativer Energiequellen

12. March 2014, Dr. Carsten Bührer, ZIEHL IV Bonn (German only)
Supraleitende Generatoren für den Windenergie-Massenmarkt ab 2 MW