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Engineering COnsultants


Operating fields and services

  • Systems engineering approach
  • 3D finite element analysis (COMSOL Multiphysics / ANSYS) for electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal designs
  • 3D CAD (Solid Works) design
  • Cryogenic &  vacuum system design
  • Materials development and testing

Materials development and testing

  • Direct-drive wind-power generators
  • Coils and magnets
  • Variable speed hydro-power generators
  • Linear generators
  • Inductive metal heating
  • Inductive reactors for high voltage grids

Development of high-efficiency electric power systems

The ECO 5 team provides engineering services in development and simulation of high-efficiency electric power systems and facilities. We focus on generators for wind, hydro and wave power plants. Beyond rotating machines, we offer core competencies in inductive metal heating and energy-efficient fault current limiters for high-voltage power grids. Our engineers provide specialised expertise in industrial applications of superconductors as well as copper and permanent magnet-based solutions.


We support customer projects from analytical and material technological development to comprehensive electromagnetic, mechanical and thermodynamical 3-D simulation to CAD-based mechanical design and prototype construction. In addition to this we provide expert knowledge in cryo technology, system safety and intellectual property situation analysis.